Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sounders Open Cup Win

On Tuesday, the whole family went to watch the Sounders FC vs Columbus Crew in the finals of the Open Cup.   Although Josh is a season-pass holder and a regular Fan, it was Wren's first visit to the stadium.  He was awed by the noise and crowds but wasn't overwhelmed. 

When the Sounders score a goal, small rectangles of slippery foil paper are shot out of a cannon in the stadium roof along with huge booming noises.  As the clouds of silver twinkled down over the crowds the boys reached out to collect small pieces and then throw them again.  They also liked watching the fans waving huge flags, hollering, stomping and clapping and keeping up with the SEEEAAAATTTLE, SOUNNNNNDDDDEERRSSS chant.

Not so much on the game.
The sparkly cannon fires at the end of the game
when the Sounders have won.

Frost posing in front of our seats

Both boys were more interested in making sure they got their share of the lemonade, pretzel and fries than plays but at their age is still more about atmosphere and the ultimate "WHO WON?" question. 

Wren puts it like this:  "Which is the Bad Team?   Did the Bad Team win?"

In this case, "the good team won, 2.1" and took the Open Cup for the second year in a row.

Josh is pleased because the Good Team won

We were lucky to be in a section where people sat down for most of the game
so we didn't have to hold the kids up the whole time

Wren became a bit tired by the end of the game but
enjoyed watching trains go by on his own 'break' to play

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