Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wren has a cavity (and that's bad)

You know you're in trouble when the dentist talks about "A Treatment Plan." 

A few days ago, I noticed that Wren had a gray spot on a molar.  I suspected it was a cavity.   Joshua objected when I sat on Wren and tried to investigate the area.

"Stop doing alien experiments on him" he said.

So, I booked a visit to the dentist for Wren since we all know that most alien abductions originate in dental trauma.

Really, its too absurd.  Since Joshua wrote down the family goal of "no cavities" under Health and Fitness, we are an ongoing dental calamity.  We have probably spent a frugal holiday to Hawaai in dental bills.  Joshua, has required a root canal and re-crown.  He also needs his wisdom teeth removed.  Frost has cracked his retainer and Wren now needs one (or more) cavities filled.

The dentist wanted to get an x-ray of Wren's teeth but Wren was unable to do it.  He cried, became hysterical and gagged whenever she placed the film and bite in his mouth.  Mum, who had just arrived from Australia via Boston, was just in time for this trauma and was quite upset by it.

"Is this really necessary?" she asked.

"Yes, because its important to protect kids with heart problems from dental decay," I snapped.

Wren getting ready for the X-ray

After a while the dentist gave up and sent us home with an old film and bite to "practice".  Wren is going back for the filling on the 13th.

Rather ominously, the dentist said:
"when there is a visible filling like that one, where the tooth is a bit cracked, there are usually other invisible cavities.  We need to take a look and see what is going on.  In Heart Kids, we have to be careful.  I don't think we are in this situation now, but I want to see him soon to clean out that tooth and if the cavity is large, if it required work on the pulp, well.. the protocol with Heart Kids is to extract the tooth.  That is because if you do pulp work, which is like a root canal, some infectious material can get into the blood stream and its considered a risk.  So, we would extract the tooth and put in a spacer."
She is hoping we can practice putting the film and bite in Wren's mouth so that he can tolerate it for the 5 seconds required to get an X-ray next time.

What with the word e-x-t-r-a-c-t-i-o-n, the fear and hysteria about the x-ray and possibility of many more fillings required a Treatment Plan.


Wendy said...

Hi Shannon

Can I suggest a second opinion with the hospitals dental clinic or a peds dentist who specializes in kids? We had a dentist swear up and down that Chris had 4 cavities (dark spots on his molars). We took him to the Hospital for Sick Children's dental clinic for a second opinion and because we knew they could handle sedating him for the work and we learned he didn't have ANY cavities, just staining from meds and iron supplements. I'm glad your dentist is cautious with heart kids. Does he give the prophylactic antibiotics before touching Wren's teeth?

Sorry, just thought I'd share a bit about our experience. I know how stressful dental issues and heart kiddos can be. Good luck with everything, crossing my fingers that it is not a cavity and no extraction is required.

Wyndi said...

we have had some trouble with the dental xrays as well. Izzy has had her share of dental trauma!!! I hate the xrays it took longer for the xray then the extraction this last time. Do you go to children's dental clinic?? They have been working hard with Izzy to try to get her to relax a bit there and have made great strides. Fun sunglasses and letting her do some of the things to a mirror with teeth on it s she can have a turn as the dentist.... sending our love