Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bremeton Ferry Yesterday

Frost recalls, "I was actually really scared of feeding the seagull because when we were trying to feed them they snatched the food very quick and I had a small piece of cracker in my hand and I was holding it up and the seagull JUST MISSED IT one time and I could actually hear his beak snapping shut!"

Close enough to hear the snapping of a seagull's beak.
Alex was also part of the seagull feeding.  Frost and he ran all over the ferry looking for bits of food to feed the seagulls.  At one point they were crawling (bare footed) under the chairs looking for crackers.  They looked like urchins. 

At one point Frost and Alex asked me for 15c.  "Someone gave me a dime," said Alex.  People are always giving Alex money!  They bought one small packet of saltines from the cafeteria and then fed them to the gulls.  When Alex had one left but Frost had none there was an 'argument' over the remaining cracker.  Frost felt that some prior sharing demanded recompense.

But that's NOT FAIR.  I gave you some of mine!

Wren wanted to be part of the adventure and rushed after the boys.  When they went too quickly he came back in tears and I escorted him to find them. 

"I must ALWAYS FOLLOW THE BOYS!" said Wren, who considers himself a diminutive 9 tween.  "I love the boys!"

"I must ALWAYS follow the boys"

The chocolate box shot of Seattle

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