Friday, July 2, 2010

Wazza your a mad dude! (3 year olds at the skate park.)

A few days ago I took Wren (3) and Leo (smaller 3) to the park with their scooters. They both wanted to scoot the skate park so we spent 45 minutes with them going back and forth taking various lines and routes.

In the beginning, they were alone. Since the first time at the skate-park, Wren has been anxious about going up and down the slopes at the end. He has had a serious concern that he would roll "up the wall" if he scooted near it so it was very reassuring for him to see Leo go up ramps and up the wall a bit and not fall over or roll up it to the sky. After a few minutes he was doing it himself for the first time.

Wren and Leo scoot like dudes

Feel the attitude, dude!

Pretty soon, a small boy arrived with his skateboard. I thought he was 5 years old but he told me he was almost 7 years. He was amazing. He could do tricks, flick the board and jump on it, make curves up the wall, go down stairs and various other impressive feats. I asked him whether his Mom or Dad skated and he said no, he had two Moms and neither skated but he had got his first board when he was "4 or something." I need to get Wren started soon if he is going to be like 'Sammy' but I am not sure it would be quite good for him - since Sammy had many bruises on his knees and had a daredevil attitude.

After Sammy, a boy who looked about 11 years old came up on his bicycle. It was one of those BMX style bikes that can turn on a dime. He obviously didn't approve of the little boys scooting around since they were often in his way. I told him they would not be much longer but it wasn't entirely the truth.

Between Sammy, the BMX and another skateboarding tween, Leo and Wren started to witness a few falls. After seeing the falls they decided that it was a necessary part of the scoot/skate arena and began to stage their own dramatic crashes. At first, I was afraid, and kept running up saying "are you all right?" They would like in a frozen tableau, face down or carelessly strewn against a ramp or wall (where the other boys had fallen). Then, after being noticed, they would stand up and say "I hurt my knee" or something similar. Leo gave me a particular fright because I thought he had blood on his knee. He told me it was "just raspberries".

A dramatic (faux) accident.

Leo carefully stages a high impact head plant

A speedy race to the next ramp (accident zone).

I hope to take Frost along with the skateboard some morning before the bigger boys arrive. He is quite cautious and has had barely any practice with the skateboard. He needs some time when he is not under observation / feeling competitive to play around on the skate park and get a feel for the board. I bet that Wren will want one if that happens.


Anna said...

This brings me so much joy. Thank you!

Shannon said...

I know, it was very happy and VERY FUNNY. Frost came to watch after he finished his camp and he also was worried when he saw Wren lying face down on the floor, utterly motionless. After that, he thought it was hysterical.