Monday, July 5, 2010

Wren makes Soup

Its the 4th of July and we have already have 3 fireworks 'sessions' with small fountains and fizzing things. Frost and Alex are ecstatic - Frost could barely sleep last night in anticipation.

However, I am not yet ready to post details of the fire-worthy events. Instead I bring you another very pixelated blurred Youtube video - of Wren cutting vegetables for soup. Wren has wonderful dexterity. He is very confident cutting shapes with scissors and I was so impressed with his meticulous cutting that I filmed it.

I didn't just offer Wren a sharp knife one day. He was trying to "help you cut vegetables" but the safe blunt knife was ineffective. I realized that if he was going to cut anything firmer than bananas it was necessary to use a sharper knife. So, I showed him how to use one of my real kitchen knives. He was very careful and cut them all up.


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Shannon said...

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nautilus said...

Well done Wren, very careful with that big knife. And the soup looked yummy! Love Granny