Friday, July 2, 2010

If a crow licked Red dye #40 it might DIE

This afternoon I took the boys, and our friend Alex, to the TNT Fireworks tent at Lynnwood. It was very hard to hold them to our $40 budget and there was lots of discussion about the effects, implications, necessity and desire for various fireworks. We ended up with tanks, a command vehicle, 6 laying chickens, some shooting balls, a whizzing UFO, a flying panda and various green smoke bombs.

We were well satisfied but Alex says he is coming back to buy 5 smoke grenades and Frost wants to return with the coupon (which we left) and his allowance (which he left).

On the way home the boys asked for Gatorade. We only have Gatorade because Frost learned some facts about sports drinks at soccer camp and I promised to buy him one at Safeway. The wise marketers only sell them in packs of 8 so I have 7 bottles of Gatorade in the fridge. I said they could share one, suffered insane nagging and guilting and said again they could share one. They acquiesced and then had this conversation:

Alex: I hope its not red Gatorade. That stuff kills you. It has Red Dye Number 40.

Frost: No, its Orange. It has natural flavor in the orange.

Alex: But even if its orange it can have red dye number 40 IN IT for the color!

Frost: Yeah, the color.

Alex: Red dye number 40 is really poisonous!

Frost: Yeah, all dyes over #30 are really toxic!

Alex: Well, #40 is the worst! It can kill .... like, small animals. Like animals that shouldn't eat it.

Frost: If they licked some Red Dye #40...

Alex: Woah, you can't get just pure Red Dye #40! Its in stuff... if it was pure!

Frost: If it WAS though..

Alex: If an animal tasted it... like, if a crow licked it it would get very very sick. It might die!

Frost: If Pablo [Alex's dog] tasted it he could die.


Frost: You could sue the Red Dye #40 company.

Alex: No, you could sue Gatorade.

Frost: But they shouldn't use it. Its not made for human consumption!

Alex: It is! They USE it.

Frost: Well... who INVENTED it.

Alex: Thomas Edison :) Elvis Presley?


Alex: My sister once said "Who invented the light bulb" and I said Elvis Presley!

Frost: Maby like, Elvis died of Red Dye #40 because he was addicted to junk food and when he died his waist was like

Alex: And he drank alcohol too and drugs. Like drugs that make you sick.

Frost: Hey, want to drink a glass of Red Dye #40?

Alex: Want a glass of gasoline? Want a glass of M1H1?

Frost: No, its M1N1.

Alex: N1H1?

Me: What are you talking about?

Frost: You know, swine flu.

Me: Oh, N1H1.

Alex: Yeah, I have a joke about that. "people in the city said that pigs can't fly but a few years later, swine flu!"

Frost and me: HAHAHAH

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