Thursday, May 27, 2010

Volcanic experiment

Recently, Frost and Wren have been playing together with more commonality of purpose that before. Where there was once tolerance there is now collaboration. I am not sure this is in my interests in the medium term, but overall I value their complicity.

Last sunny day they both wanted to do scientific experiments.

"We want to do EXPERIMENTS," they announced.

My gut level reaction is "no." Actually, its more of a shriek of denial "nooooo." I find it hard to find the educational benefits of simply mixing things to make a mess of fizzing goo which they then leave... on the floor.

However, before I could defend my denial one of them added that they would particularly like to make a volcano.

Bless whoever it was who figured out that vinegar, detergent, food coloring and baking soda could make an eruption. Its the lowest impact scientific experiment and is great because it involves benign ingredients that are freely available in the average kitchen. Also, Frost is old enough to have done many of them and can run the whole show himself.

Here, the boys make a volcano - together.

Wren pours in the vinegar.

Frost watches as it erupts.

They both watch as it erupts. BUT it doesn't erupt fast enough or with realistic lava so they add more of everything and some red food coloring and "WOOOAH!"

Wren stirs to make sure all the baking soda has 'rupted.

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