Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rainy Day

Wren is watching the water gushing out of our downspout into a bucket he asked me to set there. He didn't like to see the water going into a big puddle in our herb garden.

After a while he called me:

"Mummy, mummy come and see. Something strange is happened and I a little bit broke it."

I come out to the deck and find the downspout dangling at an odd angle with a large gap between the guttering and the next length of pipe.

"What happened Wren?" I asked.

"I was pulling it back and forth" He demonstrates with his hands, one of which is covered in a sock because he was "fighting". "I didn't know it would do that" he points up to the break. "I really didn't know it did that!" "I was shaking it back and forth and it was keeping it in the middle so it [the water] didn't hit the herbs the outside!"

Clearly, we do need to get the roof and guttering done, eventually.

PS. Wren wants to "TELL IT TO GRANNY - I LOVE YOU!"

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