Sunday, May 30, 2010

Saturday morning

Frost is checking his email while Wren squeezes flubber into a small juice glass to make farts.

"Can you hear this?" he laughs. Absolutely delighted with the results. He has the technique perfected:

1) Insert flubber with hand.
2) Press it in firmly with fist.
3) Prod it with spoon to release farts.
4) Remove and rearrange
5) Repeat

He has been doing this for about 20 minutes with dialogue like:

"is that YOU farting?"
"Did Mummy FART?"
"LISTEN... listen"

Apparently, its very very amusing if you are three.

Suddenly, it occurs to me that Frost (8) is typing an email.

"Who are you emailing Frost?" I ask. I'm supposed to monitor this sort of thing, aren't I?
"What are you emailing Fred for?"
"Reasons....... SEND."
"Like what?"
"Argh.... can email addresses have spaces in them?"
" No"
"Argh... it doesn't work!"
"Lets see. OH... "at" is not written a-t its a symbol @"
"oooooh. Good. SENT!"

Frost now chortles wickedly at his cunning. I later find the email invites Alex to a PLAYDATE I know nothing about and have not sanctioned.

Its raining. My corn is overgrown for the window-box but would get shocked outside. I have no plans beyond indulging this farting, emailing kind of day.

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