Saturday, April 10, 2010


I took Wren to the aquarium today. Its been a while since we were there and he was keen to see the octopus. I hobbled along with him (because I had a scooter accident and have a big swollen left knee) and sat a long time gazing at the big fish in the bubble.

Sturgeon (below) was the biggest fish

Octopus was stuck to the glass



First {real} Haircut
This morning Josh said "I think Wren needs a haircut." I had thought the same thing so I took Wren to the hair-cutter today. I have tried this before and it was not successful [crying, thrashing, leaving half-cut]. This hairdresser was much better. She gave him a box of toys and started cutting straight away while he looked through the toys. This lasted long enough for her to cut Wren's whole head in layers.



The Back

The Hairyness & Toys


Amy said...

He is a beautiful boy! I like the big boy haircut. I hope your knee heals quickly. I'm enjoying your blog.
Take Care,

tamusana said...

I love Wren's haircut. And I'm somewhat awed by the setup of that hairdresser. How do they get the cut hair off all of those toys? or don't they....?

(I cut Kenji's hair -- I plant him in front of a video, and cut away. Haven't had the guts to try Luki's curls though...)

Shannon said...

Tam, I was very concerned about the hair. I asked her whether she should cover the box and the coat but she said that "when kids are anxious the cape is the first thing I give up on."

At the end I said "lets try the cape next time."

Frost is resisting going to the barber. He says he likes his hair long. Its not that its long really, just huge. Its thick and straight and goes out like a bowl.

I have been watching videos on Youtube showing me how to section and cut a man's hair. Apparently I lack sharp scissors and I have not yet watched the video on how to do it with #2 clippers.

Frost is begging me.

I have cut Wren's hair 3 times and Frost's many times which is why they both looked as they did - rangy, irregular and from the 80s where my aesthetic sense was formed ;)

Shannon said...

Hi Amy,
I am still hobbling. This evening I wondered whether I have bruised the bone as it is very sore to kneel even though the actual graze has healed.

Wren is very careful before he sits down on my lap. "Is this the sore one?" he asks after being scared by my sudden yelps one too many times.

How are you going... must email again..