Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Frost has joined a soccer team, practicing on Monday afternoons. The first two weeks have been icy, rainy, dark. Because the field is some distance from our house, Wren and I stay at the park and play while he practices for an hour.

Last week, we saw a Grey Whale blowing in the bay at Carkeek while we watched from the bridge. It was incredibly cold. The wind off Puget Sound was so strong it went straight through my fleece and I had to hug Wren in my coat to make him wait.

This week, it was cold but without the wind, and the tide was out. We went down to the beach where Wren collected sea glass. No whales to see but Wren insisted on sitting down at the top of the stairs where we had seen the whales, and to watch the flat smooth sound in hopes of seeing one.

"They are there," he said.

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