Monday, April 19, 2010

Frost and Alex on Preparing for Life's Challenges

I picked Frost (8) up from FCS this morning after a sleepover with Alex and the pig. They had played an hour of DS in the morning because:

Alex (8): We had to get up at 6am to pee and then we woke Oliver [the pig] and he started oinking and snuffling a lot.

Frost: We played this cool game on the DS. Its called SPORKLE. It has lots of quiz games. We played this game that was a brand quiz. There was also a Simpson's quiz

Alex: We were pretty good but it got hard.

Me: What's a brand?

Frost: Its like the small picture that a company has to show who they are. You know, like the SHELL symbol or the T&T symbol or the T-Mobile symbol.

Alex: We got a lot of them. We had to type the name when the picture was there and we got most of them.

Frost: That's why I like to watch the commercials on local TV. I need to prepare myself for all of the fun brand games like this.

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tamusana said...

OMG. I suppose you can just jump on this as a teachable moment, rather than wringing your hands in despair (which would have been my first inclination).

Here in Geneva we don't have TV (well, people do, but we don't). Instead, we watch DVDs and stuff from the internet.

While we were in NY last week the boys watched quite a bit of TV at my parents' house. Even on supposedly commercial-free channels, they couldn't believe how much advertising there was (program sponsors, etc). At first they found it somewhat exciting; that lasted a day, after which they were annoyed when programs were interrupted, or they got sick of hearing the same inane drivel about dry diapers and family holidays.