Thursday, April 15, 2010

Morels in Ravenna?

The kids and I were walking to the playground this evening and stopped to check for mushrooms under a nearby evergreen. It seems to be the place they grow in fall and I was hoping to find a specimen for my mushroom ID class tomorrow night.

After charging in vain through the cottonwoods last month, we were all shocked, delighted, stunned - to find a crop of morels growing there. We picked them all - Frost and Wren fighting over "the big one" Frost found - and plan to eat them for breakfast!

Our first morels! I can now add these to the chanterelles, matsutake and shaggy lepiotas I can find and eat all by myself.

One of the smaller fresher specimens

Frost, feeling the joy.

Wren, excited because we are
and wanting whatever is most desired.

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natashap said...

Wow! They are beautiful.