Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wren is 3

Wren turned three on Sunday. He had a small party with a volcano cake on Saturday. On Sunday we were lazy and made a large pile of wrapping paper and plastic bits from the toys we unwrapped.

Wren blows out the erupting volcano.

Wren cannot resist tasting the lava.

Close up of the volcano cake with the D&D figures being inundated.

Kellie had the idea of filling the sensory table with blue jello as an ocean for some sea animals. The jello is still there - we used 10 packets. Unfortunately we forgot to open it at the party but Wren and Frost find it fascinating.

Kellie and I also found it fascinating. Particularly the way the jello looked like splashing water.

Small facts about Wren at 3:
  • His favorite movie is BOLT. He loves the pigeons but hates "the scary part."
  • He can count to 10 and a bit higher on an ad hoc basis. He can count 1, 2, 3 and 4 objects correctly.
  • He loves to sleep with his soft shirt, bunnies and various other soft animals.
  • He still naps 2 hours every day but wakes at 6ish.
  • He says "OHMYGOD" when things are exciting.

  • Upcoming dates:

    Jan 5th - my brother turns 40!
    Jan 11th - Cardiology checkup.
    Jan 7th - Annual ped visit.

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    Linda said...

    Happy Birthday Wren!!!! My, you are a very smart little boy, aren't you? Must be that wonderful mom of yours. ;)