Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chicken's crying "wolf"

I was playing with Wren in his room in the comforting gloom of 7am when we heard a godawful shrieking and "bocking" from the hens. I rushed out to the coop barefoot (scene: dark, wet, grass covered in hen poop) expecting to surprise a raccoon or possum or fox or ... well, anything.

It was pitch black with only the faintest hadean blue to the sky and I couldn't see anything in the coop but they kept going BOK BAAAARK BOK BAAAARK in a most alarming way. I rushed inside, grabbed a flashlight. My mind was now going "boa? monkey?" I was losing the geographic plot. I remembered my garden boots.

I looked all around. The chickens were walking around in the run but I couldn't see any cause for alarm.

I am guessing Chippie (the third hen) is about to start laying and is making a fuss about it.

We are going to have breakfast now. Yawn. Frost is catching up on homework - on glaciers.

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Linda said...

If you'd like to check out Lydia's Carepage sometime (since our kids are having somewhat similar diagnoses, though our cardio is very quick to point out that Lydia is only Shone's LIKE), the name of it is LydiaArnold