Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wren's First Visit to the Dentist

This morning Wren took his strawberry flavored amoxicillan and we headed off to the dentist with both boys. Frost assumed the role of Big Brother who would guide Wren through the perils of the dentist and allay his fears. To narrated as much of his appointment and exam as he could, giving the thumbs up and other encouraging gestures when the actual work of cleaning prevented him from talking.

Wren wasn't very concerned once he was there although he was worried as we drove there. He was worried that he might be going to the orthodontist AKA "the awful dentist". There was a slight mixup in the instructions for Wren's antibiotic so we had to wait a bit for the appointment as it had not been a full hour since he had taken them. We enjoyed a coffee during the intermission. When it was Wren's turn for the chair he was very brave and kept asking the dental assistant if he was "all done now?"

Eventually he was.

The verdict was that both kids have good teeth, they look clean but they should floss diligently and clean their teeth twice a day instead of one and an optional.

Frost has a chip on his front lower incisor but since it is minor the dentist is going to wait to repair it until Frost is done with braces. Neither he nor I could recall an accident when it occurred.

Wren at the dentist

Can I take the glasses off now?

Wren and Granny

Frost waiting for his cleaning to begin

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