Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ongoing narrative

Mum is visiting and as always, any change in the routine leads to a big fat silence on our blog. Its been dark and cool but there have been moments of sunshine when we have taken a walk. We have visited a few coffee shops, had sushi at Blue-C and had a lovely brunch with Fred and Tara this morning. Wren has taken to having Granny here and is asking for many more tea-parties. I hope we have time to bake cookies this afternoon so our tea-party is complete.

Mum is very impressed by Wren's talking. He collects phrases from everyone. Here are a collection from today:

Wren is playing with playmobil - setting up an army, copying one that Alex and Frost have created:
"No Frost and you must not knock all my ninja men down. Are you going to knock it down any more?"

Mum is hungry and trying to lure Wren away from the Playmobil to join us at breakfast. "Come on Wren, I am hungry" she says. "No you are not," says Wren "your tummy is not grumbling!"

The boys are in the office at Fred and Tara's and Wren needs some paper to give to Granny. "Boys, Boys, " he says at the door. "Can you spare a piece of paper for Granny so she can make a paper airplane?"

At bedtime, Wren likes Josh and I to sing bedtime songs. I have to say goodnight to each bunny and all the menagerie in the crib (Big One, Little One, soft shirt, big panda, seal and blanket). Sometimes Wren decides to move from the crib to "the nest" or visa versa. My bedtime son is usually "My bonnie lies over the ocean" but Wren wants me to sing this as "Bunny" and asks me many questions about "WHY is Bunny over the ocean?" and "How will bunny come back?" Its hard to differentiate Bunny from Bonnie so he checks constantly "you say BUNNY?"


natashap said...

So nice to think of you all together again. I wish I could teleport over for a tea party with Wren and Anne. Love to you all.

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