Thursday, November 19, 2009

Walking at Greenlake

A few days ago we enjoyed a walk around Greenlake with Mum, Tara and the boys. The weather report has predicted rain daily but we have been lucky with bright periods of cold sun while the clouds pile purple on the horizon. Recent winds have blown down many of the lovely colored leaves but on this walk they were still pretty splendid.

Halfway around the lake we came across a huge pile of mulch. Steam was rising from the top leading Wren to fear it was HOT! I showed him how to climb up the pile and the boys enjoyed climbing up and jumping down.

The only way to get around Greenlake in less than a day is to have Frost on a bike and Wren in a stroller. Wren felt that it was necessary to get down often and if I had let him he would have added "putting my feet in the water" to the list of activities. "It's too cold" I told him but he showed his complaint. Here are Wren and granny on the dock with his shoes on.

Finally, some pictures of Wren and the fall leaves.

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