Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wren has a Sore Throat

We've been around the house for the past day since Wren has a fever and sore throat. He'd been ill only 24 hours when I took him to the pediatrician this afternoon because he was acting really ill for a fever. She looked in his throat and showed me the very red and raw area covered with pustules. It looked awful and explained why he would scream when I gave him orange juice. She tested him for strep throat but it was negative so it is a viral sore-throat, possibly (but not likely) coxsackie virus. We are giving him Benadryl and Mylanta to help coat his throat a bit.

He is feeling very down. From time to time he says sad things like "I will never get better", "I am not alright," "when will it go away?" and "is there that medicine that will make it go away?" He is not able to eat much (except ice-cream) and has little energy. He has rested a lot on the couch and had a couple of short naps, still, he is miserable. Mum has helped keep his mind from his sore throat by playing many games.

Sick Wren reading with Granny
Mum eating chanterelles

Comforting Wren on the couch

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