Sunday, November 22, 2009

Look at my black greedy eyes looking at you

Wren was distraught with sore throat pain when he woke. He wouldn't drink so it was hard to help him. We played with hand puppets while we waited for the Tylenol to kick in and Wren cheered up immediately.

He makes up vivid stories about the animals, in particular TIGER. According to Wren "tigers eat rats, they eat the meat. They don't eat pigs and our friends. RAAARP. RAARRP. He is eating rats. I am hungry. I am small but I am getting bigger. My mummy got smaller and she went to the CITY but I am getting BIGGER."

His pretend stories are very amusing because the relationship between signifier and signified is very loose. We play with a mole and a tiger who want a flower, Wren's solution? Get a hippo and "'tend it is a flower!" Then Tiger 'tends it is a dog. Hippo (who was a flower) now also 'tends to be a dog. Finally, all the animals (and the real flower) are 'tending to be dogs and barking. Its very easy to maintain equity with imaginative flexibility.

By breakfast time (6.20am+1 hour) Granny had an idea about helping by giving Wren something cold to eat. Wren was thrilled and turned around to tell me: "Mumma, its a breakfast icecream!"

Sadly, this happiness did not last. His sore throat worsened and he kept telling me that "my sickness has not gone away" despite Tylenol. He also gets a mixture of Mylanta and Benadryl which is supposed to coat his throat but all it does is knock him out. He can't eat or drink anything beside water (with coaxing) and icecream and is feeling scared, weak and very short tempered.

Like Wren, I want to make this sickness go away. I am going to buy Tylenol with Codeine which was advised if the pain was bad. I think it is. If TV and non-stop adult attention doesn't make it go away you need the big guns.

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