Friday, October 30, 2009

No Fever, still sick

Wren is still under the weather. He has "a headache" and "want medicine."

Last night he woke around midnight and apparently had trouble getting back to sleep. When I woke at 6.45am (yeah!) I was alone in bed and found Josh and Wren crammed onto the twin on the floor of Wren's room.

Wren woke at 7.30am with Frost. He had no fever this morning but still has swollen lymph nodes in his throat, sounds hoarse (laryngitis?) and coughs occasionally (as if clearing his throat). He was up to 99.1 by the time I dragged him to a showroom to pick faucets. Yes, I know. There were no kids around and I am stir crazy at home.

Of course, there is never a dull moment at home. Our bathroom project is likely to be delayed until the weekend after Thanksgiving due to the contractor's availability and not wanting us to be left for 10 days "holiday" without bathing plumbing. AND the washer in the basement flooded AGAIN. If not for a recently cleaned drain the carpets would be wet again. We have diagnosed the problem as a faulty inlet valve. We shall see what the Sears Service person says.

Things I have learned about Wren this week:
1) He loves Zoboomafoo and Dragon Tales more than Go, Diego Go.
2) He likes the IDEA of bubble baths but hates the bubbles. If I make a really bubbly bath he spends his whole bathtime trying to clear a bubble free zone in which to sit. I have to stand by with a towel to wipe off any bubbles that get on his skin.
3) Wren thinks cookies are a staple and dinner is eaten in "how many bites?" to qualify for desert. Oh cr*p. I have done it again.
4) Everyone in this family loves apples. They like them best sliced.

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