Saturday, October 31, 2009

Healed but grumpy

Wren is better. I took him to the doctor to keep the CDC flu-related doctor visit stats rising and 'just in case' his cough was hiding out in his chest. It wasn't. It isn't. He still coughs but its just the lingering part.

Yesterday, I went crazy cooking. I started and it just went on and on with the kids helping. We baked bread then Frost had the idea of pumpkin bread so we baked that too and then I saw the sugar pumpkins from South 47th and decided to prepare my own cooked pumpkin for pie today. Oh, then I realized it was better to bake my own pie shells than buying them and the only reason I didn't finish that project was running out of butter.

Here are Frost and Wren waiting in the rain for the schoolbus yesterday morning.

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