Thursday, October 29, 2009

Frost's Halloween Vignettes

These are pictures Frost took of a Halloween Decoration Skeleton (with one leg broken off). I will let him describe them in his own words.

1. Skeleton Stealing Snack.
He is stealing snacks out of our cupboard in the kitchen.

2. Skeleton Works Out.
Skeleton is hanging onto the handle of our exercise machine for dear life. Note://All of the lighting in darkness around is presented by me putting flashlights in selected places to make them give a circle of light just for Mr Skeleton. Note #2//Wren helped me do these in some ways by shining a different flashlight around the place which you cannot see in these pictures.

3. Say Yes To Drugs.
Mr Skeleton is putting on a "Say Yes to Drugs" campaign. Note://To do this picture I took all the pill [note by mum: naturopathics] and Vitamin bottles off the shelf. The sign says SAY YES TO DRUGS. I got the idea for this from the "SAY NO TO DRUGS" campaign. I kind of know people don't like drugs because I have seen it on TV and I have seen it in the newspaper and I have seen it on selected store things.

4. Skeleton Watches Football.
I think that he is watching the Cardinals versus ????. I got this idea from my Dad who watches football like every night. Mr Skeleton is leaning on his favorite pillow.

5. Mr Skeleton Meets His End
Mr Skeleton was last seen walking along my countertop when suddenly he was found with a butter-knife through his heart (I wanted to use a real sharp knife but my babysitter wouldn't let me). Wren is peaking over a chair in the background and just to tell you that a Starbucks coffee is in Skellie's other hand because my babysitter's coffee was there and I thought to put it to good use. I thought it Skeleton was just walking around he might have an ipod and a coffee and be drinking and listening to it so I just used it.

6. On the Ground
Skeleton lies on the ground with an eerie electricky light around him. We did this by adding greenish tint to it in the photo editor.

Photographer's note:
I do not know why I chose to do this photo campaign but I thought it was fun. I am going to take more and you are going to see them on this blog. PS. There WERE five more days till Halloween when I too these pictures.

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nautilus said...

Frost, these are very scary pictures. But on the other hand he is quite a normal skeleton as he likes TV, coffee, exercising, vitamin pills. he is rather like a human being....Love Granny