Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rough Night

Wren seems to have regressed today. He is sad, temperamental and woke at 4am with a fever which recorded as moderate (101.8) but felt much hotter. I think the reading was wrong because of the yelling and wrestling to get the ear thermometer in place. He also complained of a headache. I gave him Tylenol and we chatted for 45 minutes about the moon and how it was night and why Daddy was snoring before he fell asleep and we woke at 7.45am.

We were late for breakfast and Frost would have missed his school bus but for a lady in a SUV who chased it with her children on board. Apparently the bus was running a bit early.

Wren has had 3 doses of Tylenol today as well as his Tamiflu. Besides a mild fever in the 100s - 101s as doses wear off he complains of headache and a sore tummy. He has a mild intermittent cough, nothing I would comment on without the fever, and says his ears hurt when I use the thermometer. Josh thinks we should try one of the forehead ones. Its always a debate about taking a young child's temperature. They are unreliable with oral thermometers, ear and underarm have high variability when parents use them and I don't know if I trust the forehead ones. I end up taking it repeatedly to confirm my results.

I spoke with Dr L who would like to see him on Friday if his fever continues. That's due to the risk of endocarditis with unexplained fever. She is also asking about worker breathing (No, no respiratory symptoms but some faster breathing with higher fever), lethargy (only with high fever but still responsive) and appetite (good). He is not drinking enough liquids so the nurse suggested pedialyte. I will stick with water because he is getting enough food.

I hope he improves overnight.

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