Monday, July 20, 2009

Wren has a nintendo TOO

Wren found this digger at the Thrift Store last week. He loves his digger. Ever since Granny borrowed one from a toy library during our visit to Australia he has had this idea of riding ON a digger. Now he can. Remember this picture when you see the next one.

Frost received a Nintendo DS lite for his birthday. This morning he wanted to try it out. Wren wanted one too but I told him it was for big kids. Next, he went and found a pot lid and demanded a pen. I thought he was going to write on it. No, he was creating his own DS. As you can see in this picture Wren is copying the way Frost taps on his screen (his pot lid) with the pen. It breaks my heart and I stopped both of them playing "screen time" till late afternoon. In some ways, Wren will benefit when Frost is at school again!

Also today, Wren has loved learning to fire nerf guns (even the big ones) and Frost made a lovely building out of his new Keva blocks. He asked me to take this picture to show Daddy. He used all 200 of the blocks in the set and says he needs MANY MORE LIKE 1000 like Matthew has!!!

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tamusana said...

That is an amazing pic of Wren and Frost at the table.

As for Kevas - we have Kapla, which I think are equivalent. The boys create incredible structures with them. Started with 200, then I found another 200 box at a thrift store for 10 Swiss francs (about $9!!) - clearly the little old lady running the shop had no idea what she was selling. We also have a couple of sets of coloured planks. But you can never have enough. For some tragicomic entertainment, check out: