Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More birthday Pictures (8th)

This year Frost asked for a big chocolate cake with candy on. Here it is. He loved sticking malt balls, m&ms and Junior Mints all over it as well as the thick frosting I had already applied. We had to do the 'blowing out candles' twice because Wren missed it the first time while he was playing with the nerf guns on his own.

Frost and Elias with The Cake

It is very hot today. I ran around Greenlake with Lauren and am now drinking an iced coffee at Zoka. I wish I could have a week's vacation from vacation. I need some more alone time.

I am trying to decide whether I am really going to initiate crabbing in the face of Joshua's opposition. I would do it if Mum was here but if we catch crab am I really going to grab them, collect them and cook them as Mum does? Will I do it more than once?

Lauren has offered to lend us a fishing rod to try fishing in Greenlake. I think I need a crab-mate to make this more than an expensive impulse. Anyone? Anyone?

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