Friday, July 10, 2009

Bumps in the roof

Our kitchen extractor fan has a long metal vent which goes through the cupboards and ceiling and out through the roof. When it rains it makes a loud noise of raindrops and this morning there was a distinct shuffling and pattering of animal feet.

I opened the cupboard and tapped on the vent and the animal noises intensified then vanished.

Wren: What is IT?
Me: I think it is an animal on our roof or inside it.
Wren: I hope it is not a giraffe or an elephant that is knocking on that door.

I hope so too.

We are planning on going raspberry picking this morning if I can wake myself up. I have been technically awake for an hour but Wren suggested we get up to make coffee "so mummy wake up". He has a fair degree of concern for my beverage consumption. A few days ago he told me to drink more water because "milk is not coming out" (I had suggested the correlation weeks ago).

Its another bright day after some clouds and cooler weather. I made cherry preserves a few days ago and the counters in the kitchen are still sticky. I am not a clean cook although I clean up afterwards but we are now faced with a persistant sheen of sugar. I guess there is no point in being too fastidious if we are going to make jam today :)

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