Thursday, July 9, 2009

I am small like a hippo

Wren still nurses. Yes, even Heather didn't know this. I guess people expect Wren to have just kind of given up or me to have said "no" at some point. There have certainly been moments. I was halfway to weaning in Australia but then read something by the WHO saying that most babies naturally wean between 2 and a half and 3 so whats the hurry?

This morning, lacking any weaning signs from Wren I decided to discuss it with him. This is how the conversation went (he is a bit over 2 and a half).

Shannon: I think you should stop having Mummy's milk.
Wren: Why?
Shannon: Well, you are a big boy now, like Frost. Big boys don't drink mummy's milk.
Wren: I am not a big boy. I am a small boy. I am smaaaaallll like a ... like a giraffe!
Shannon: A giraffe? That's quite a big animal.
Wren: I am small like a HIPPO!
Shannon: OK, you are small but you are getting too big for mummy's milk.
Wren: Why, I LOVE to suck it. It is so tasty. I have some more now? Just a taste?


I guess it will have to play out as angst and tragedy unless I am willing to continue. I am not sure.

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