Sunday, February 4, 2007

Synagis done!

The nurse from Swedish Homecare Services came over this morning and gave Wren his Synagis shot. He weighed 13lbs and she said he looked excellent. He screamed and cried for a while after the shot and then had a little nap but seems to have forgotten it already. He gets another one monthly till April. Apparently he is also indicated to receive these for the next 3 years because of having a heart condition and a sibling


Anonymous said...

synagis is a scam.

this stuff costs $4,500 PER SHOT! Even if your insurance covers part of it like ours -- 80/20 -- this drug can cause you to go broke! My wife and I are tapped out, our flex-plan money, GONE. This was NOT explained to us when we agreed to it after a tough hospital stay and a $200,000 hospital bill. Oh, and btw, this expensive snake oil isn't a vaccine -- it does not prevent RSV, they just claim that it lessens the bad effects. Oh, and BTW, it's FREE if you're on medicaid or welfare -- how effed-up is this?

Shannon said...

It is not a scam although many would question the public health costs and benefits.

I am sorry you were not given the full information before starting the shots. It is expensive. I think the cost for us last season was about $4500 PER SEASON (3-4 months of shots).

It does not prevent RSV but it has been shown to reduce the hospitalization rate among kids with cyanotic CHDs and other respiratory conditions. That is a huge thing for kids like ours.

I am very grateful Wren avoided hospitalization for pneumonia.