Saturday, January 27, 2007

Thinking of being a hippy

It was a lovely crisp afternoon with the sun low in the sky and everything looking clean and slightly golden. I went for a walk with Wren who has stubbornly refused to nap for more than half an hour since 10.30am. I was planning on an afternoon nap but that was not to be so I settled for a walk instead.

Originally I was trying to put him to sleep but Wren snuggled in the Moby Wrap he promptly took a nap. Since I couldn't figure out a way to extract him without waking him and I am not able to sleep on my feet safely so we walked anyway.

While I was walking along I had this strong urge to move out of the city and live in a cabin with solar panels and a goat and a nicely raked vegetable garden and a potbelly stove. I was thinking about a semi-rural community where I could spin wool and still get an internet connection and buy honey from someone with hives. Then I wondered whether it would be safe living further from Children's Hospital. It has been so nice to live 7 minutes from the Whale Entrance...

Meanwhile, Josh's colleagues sent us a huge bouquet of flowers while we were still in hospital but we were discharged the evening they delivered so the flowers were mislaid. This evening they were delivered to the door. They are wonderful - lilies, roses, something pink and spikey I don't know the name of. The bunch is definitely bigger than any I have been given before.

I hear Frost and Josh arriving home...

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