Friday, January 5, 2007

Taking all day to wash my face

Things are going a lot better today. Besides adding in 3 ng-feeds, a few dressing changes and 2 medications - I feel I am doing the normal baby routine of eat-cry-sleep eat-sleep-cry which most of you are familiar with. I start the day with an intention to do one thing like wash my face and manage to do it around 4pm (I hope, I haven't done it yet).

Wren is having a long sleep this afternoon and I had a nap which makes for great deal of happiness all round.

Thankyou for all the encouragment after my meltdown yesterday. I appreciate it - especially the reassurance that I am not doing too badly with my ng-tube fumblings. Today we have not had a failed feeding (other than a couple of episodes of spitting up half of what I gave him).

Tomorrow we have our first weekly checkup at Children's Hospital. I have a 9.30am at the Cardiac Surgery Clinic with a RN. She will do wound-care, weight and general vitals as well as check on his overall progress. Fingers crossed for a healthy looking baby and good weight gain.

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Tamsyn said...

hey Shannon - I'm actually in awe of the fact that you find time to post updates about how overwhelmed you are. I remember taking weeks (months?) to get back to the computer. I'd say, from 3000 miles away, that Wren appears to be doing amazingly well for a newborn -- any newborn, that is, never mind one with a congenital heart condition. Kenji has just started to poo in the loo--what a good boy--but unfortunately has taken to waking up at about 4am with the urge (after having been a very solid sleeper for months now), and I have been very grumpy as a result. Even though I remind myself that it's nothing compared with what you're going through, I'm on a short fuse nonetheless.... such is the nature of sleep deprivation. So next time you feel compelled toward self-flagellation because of imperfect ng tube technique, remember that most of the rest of us (except for those who've been through your situation) wouldn't know an ng tube from a catheter. (yuck) And that's when we're fully alert and well-rested. :-)