Sunday, December 31, 2006

2 1/2 weeks old pictures

Today, Wren has been more alert and interested in the world. He is nursing well but in a distracted way: 5 minutes then a break to look at things, 10 minutes then a burp and gazing around again. He ate 75g, 50g and 66g at his three allotted sessions.

We had a scheduled "pump and NG tube" training session but unfortunately the wrong pump was ordered. It was the supplemental feed pump not the main feed pump so we would not have been able to go home today anyway. We have to have the right pump and training. Its now scheduled for noon Sunday. 6am is the next weigh-in "go home" chance. Fingers and toes are crossed for a weight-gain. We are exhausted with trying to be at the hospital when he is awake and Josh and I seldom see each other as we do opposite shifts.

Frost and Granny went swimming today which was a great event for all concerned. Frost learned to dive down and retrieve hoops from the bottom of the shallow end. He was very proud. Meanwhile, I slept in the stands.

Later, Frost came for a visit at the hospital and held Wren on his own for the first time. He is incredibly careful with him - worrying if he cried and trying hard to hold him steady. He is clearly alarmed by the hospital - when we asked him to wash his hands he said "because if he got a cold he could die" - and was upset when we insisted he wear shoes in the ward because there could "be germs and dirt on the floor". He enjoys the hospital cafetaria - managing to score a few take-away boxes of sweetened cereal which he is storing up for unhealthy breakfast options.


Izabell said...

he looks good! your sons are very cute!! We are praying for a weight gain! (and the correct pumps) so you can be in the comfort of your own home soon. He is a strong little guy!

trevor said...

Your boys are so cute! Praying that you will be home very soon!