Sunday, December 31, 2006

Comments confusion

I've had a number of emails from friends who have tried (and failed) to post comments on this blog. I was looking at the settings and it was on "registered users only". I changed that and I think it will now allow anyone to post.

Thanks again for all the support - email, comments, playdates, food and good vibes in the ether. I feel quite guilty for my lack of feedback to many of you. I am sure we shall one day emerge from this fog of immediacy: wake, nurse, snuggleWren, drive, eat, nurse, snuggleWren, drive, play-with-frost, eat etc etc. Note, sleep does not appear very often on this list. Neither does face-washing, teeth-cleaning and lying with my feet up. I'm not complaining but I am starting to get grumpy about having him so close to being home-ready and just not making it each day. It puts a lot of stress on everyone having to have two home bases.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon,
I'm so glad Wren is doing so well. We are all thinking about you every day over at RPL. I hope you'll be able to get him home today. He is beautiful, and it is so wonderful to see things working out as hoped with the surgery. (BTW, so glad you changed the settings for posting comments, have been wishing I could offer some support from here:-) So many hug to you, and try not to fret about brushing your teeth and such, just pop an Altoid, lol:-)