Sunday, December 31, 2006

Discharge .... Sunday?

Wren lost weight again today but such a small amount (10g) that the surgeon said it was as if he was the same weight. The upshot is that he can't come home today but they are hopeful that he will "turn the corner" tomorrow and be discharged.

Dr P said that Wren is not showing any of the signs of extra heart or respiratory effort which would explain his weight loss so he believes it is more a matter of establishing fluid balance and calorie intake after surgery. Wren is still 200g up on his birth weight and was very odoemic until last week. Once again, we wait till 5am tomorrow for another chance to "get out of jail free".

Meanwhile, Wren looks good. He is able to lift his head up quite a bit, looks around and is alert for longer periods. He seems pretty content - especially when he is held. It is getting a lot harder to leave him at the hospital because he is so attentive and sleeps less.

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