Monday, December 3, 2012

Wren the Contortionist

Wren told me to post this on the blog.  He said "look what I can do!"  He is very flexible.  He can drape himself in a backbend over the couch.  Almost do the splits, first thing in the morning, cold, in his pjs and has double jointed fingers.  He loves to show how he can pop his thumb joint out like I can (but Frost and Josh cannot).  He is working hard to make a crook in the tip of his index finger (as I can!) and likes to bend his tongue in funny shapes.

Anyway, here is Wren's performance of Bendy Wren.  He would still be performing if I hadn't tired.

See, I think I am doing it.  Am I doing it?

I was trying to simulate a yoga posture but Wren did
not consider it bendy enough
He can get quite a bit further in the splits when he
works at it.  This is just sliding his feet apart.

The photo session started when I noticed Wren was just
lying like this over the chair while we had a conversation!

Twisty legs "peace"

Can you do this Mum?  Like I do this?  YES!  The only
one I can do!

Is this good?  I am looking UP

I can do both thumbs.  Frost can only do one.

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