Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Camels

We were reading the newspaper at breakfast yesterday and Wren asked about the article showing camels.  They were walking down 51st St in NYC where they are for some Christmas theatre.

"Why are camels in a show about Christmas?" one of them asked.

"Why do you think?" I asked.. with a DUH tone of voice.

"Because camels are COOL!" said Wren.

"Because they were on Noah's ark?" pondered Frost.

"No, really." I said.   "You don't know?"

Frost left the room abruptly and I ordered him NOT to Google it.

"Okay, because they are in the nativity scene?" ventured Frost.

Sensing we had missed a good story I explained about the star and the wise men and the gifts and the star stopping above the stable and that the wise men were riding camels.

"Oh, yeah" said Frost

Wren had never heard this before.  When I complained to Josh that we had left out some fundamentals of Judeo-Christian mythology he got all defensive and asked whether the kids knew the great stories of Islam or Hinduism.  I said they knew quite a few Hindu stories and many Buddhist ones but surely he owned that Christian narratives are closer to our culture than the others.

He refused to admit this.

Regardless of their Hindu-buddhist-greco-roman mythological framework, the boys are keen on Christmas.  Today they gave me Christmas lists.

Frost would like things relating to video games (t-shirts, equipment) and Wren wrote his own list. Sadly, I cannot read many of the items on his list.  I attach it below.

I think it says:

  1. Hang Man 1
  2. Brick Arms
  3. 20 Dollar Bill
  4. Lychee army?
  5. Core mech?
  6. Chocolate peppermint bark
  7. bunny painter
  8. Flowers
We will see what we can do about the lychee army.

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