Saturday, October 6, 2012

Beautiful Bicycle

This weekend we bought Wren a trailer bicycle.  Its a bicycle that has one wheel and attaches to the rear of an adult bicycle.  This way, Wren can ride with us on longer distances than he could on a tiny bike with training wheels.  He has just outgrown the ride-behind childseat he has used for years.

After much research we bought a Burley Piccolo.

This morning we rode our bicycles to school.  The weather is STILL dry and sunny - most unusual for Seattle at this point in fall - its already OCTOBER folks!  The dry weather makes for good cycling and we enjoyed rounding the lake and seeing ducks and squirrels and mushrooms that we would have overlooked from the car.

There is a great freedom on a bicycle.  You're close enough to things to stop and connect and yet fast enough to cover great distances with ease.

Wren said "You know, I am just as happy ON this bicycle as OFF this bicycle which means I like this bicycle!"

He peddles (wobbling side to side somewhat) and has not yet managed to shift the gears much, although he runs a constant dialogue about it as we ride.

"This is 7th gear.  Is that okay?  STOP STOP, I need gear 1!"

As we reach the bike path around Greenlake we start to count dogs.   We are making a bar chart of the dogs we see.  The data is as follows:

Monday:  5 dogs
Tuesday:  15 dogs
Wednesday:  16 dogs
Friday: 26 dogs.

I have an hypothesis that people are increasingly likely to walk their dogs as the week progresses but it may be utterly random.  We will continue to assess in coming week.

I love this bike and also the delayed onset of the rain which is making for ideal cycling conditions.


Stephen Spencer said...

What a great way to ride together!

One request: make sure Wren's helmet fits him securely. It shouldn't be tilted off to one side like that. Any bike shop will have people who can help you adjust the helmet so it fits properly.

Shannon said...

I shall check it tomorrow! He complains a lot when it is too tight.