Saturday, October 6, 2012

About Wren

At dinner Wren was telling me about weapon classes in Minecraft.  He added, in one mode you can punch a wooden wall with your FIST and mine it and not get hurt.  "Just like Chuck Norris could do that!"

"Chuck Norris?"  I asked.  "What do you know about Chuck Norris?"

"Oh" Wren said.  "Frost always says that.  When my guy can dive to the ground and not die Frost says - GO ON, CHUCK NORRIS IT!"

I am seriously old.

As we were driving home from school today, Wren said "I have three modes.  These are my modes:

1) Normal mode
2) Staring blurry eyed into space THINKING mode.
3) Math mode:  when I think a lot about math.

Another time he told me one of his modes was 4) Game mode.
Wren helping to press cider at the
harvest festival
This about sums Wren up.  He is loving math - often starts calculating how many minutes in an hour or seconds in a minute.  He loves multiplying.  Today, while shopping, he read the prices of the three types of popsicle I bought:

$4.99 - I told him to make it $5.

and totalled them $13.19c  !  I was a bit startled.  Personally, I think he combined mode 2 and 3 for that sum.

He is still not reading sentences with any fluency although he is much better at the Set 1 Bob Books.  I think we need to practice.  He continues to draw and write lots of things.  Here are some recent examples:

Magical Creatures.  Their abilities.  I can read Wren and it says things like
diamond and golden and gold.  

Various weapons and charms.

He is also quite excited about making books and charts.  At school, the kids have been making books and I helped him make a chart of the number of dogs we see each day on our ride around Greenlake.  He is very interested in his chart and keeps talking about it.

The Dog Chart.  As you can see, dog density increased through the week.

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