Friday, August 17, 2012

Most Glorious Storms

Today we have been hunkered down with cake.  For breakfast I had a walk in the morning mist followed by chocolate raspberry muffin and french toast.  At lunch, we went down to the Adelaide Central Markets.  The Market on Gouger Street is one of my favorite places in all the world.  It is a combination of a farmers market, a European street market and a street of deli's, cafes and food specialists.  There is a mushroom store, a french baker, chocolatiers and an old fashioned candy store selling sour boiled sweets.

We ate in the Asian food court - I had some of the best Yum Cha (aka Dim sim) EVER... the softest dumplings, the most delicious green onion pancake and some other unknown food wrapped in fried tofu wrappers.  I was so enamored that I dunked them all in the chilli oil and loved the heat.  The stall was called Seng Kee Yum Cha... oh my goddess... I hope to try it again before we leave.

We had sweets - honeycomb and boiled sours - from the candy shop.  Frost, who had been feeling a bit unwell today, perked up considerably and asked to return before we leave Adelaide. 

Wren chose these fish

"This is my favorite place EVER"

The Blackebys Candy Shoppe

Sherbert Bombs
Turkish delight - my favorite
Later in the afternoon we had tea at Ruth, a friend of Mum's.  She and her husband Jim have a library of over 8000 books.  They use binoculars to read the titles on some on the high shelves.  The house is wonderful - exactly what I would like if I were a single woman.   A dream of antique cabinets, wide windows, high bookshelves and kilims.

And cake.

We were served 4 types of cake and sampled 3 of them.  Plus strawberries.

High tea at Ruth's with wattle blossom and strawberries.
We staggered home in time for dinner.  I made soup.  We ate that followed by blue cheese from the market and some quince jelly made by Mum and Mervyn.

The gale and clatters of hail now bluster against the house and I am going to have some rooibos, black, and plan a day of healthy food tomorrow.  Minus cake.

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