Monday, August 13, 2012


Now that we are home from the tropics we are doing our chores.  Today we did another walk removing feral plants with the pickaxe, draw a picture of a puffball and took the boys for haircuts.

Both were less than enthusiastic at the prospect but endured with grace.

Both said they would rather the stylist not cut the back much, the front much or the top much.  This did not leave a lot of room open for styling.  The stylist said "Well, I have to cut some off at the top or it will look like a big mushroom."

Wren insisted on keeping his bangs on the left side.

"You can have an asymmetrical style," said his stylist.

The haircuts were in a real true salon but cost only $20 each.  They took about half an hour.

Frost in Hazelwood Park on the way home

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