Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Tippy Tops of Tall Buildings

Ten am and ninety two degrees in Vegas this morning but I haven't been out of the ambient 74 of the hotel.

I am sitting on the monogrammed carpet of my room leaning back against the king sized bed I had all to myself.  Through the open blinds the pinacles of a faux New York skyline (the New York Hotel) glint in the yellow sky that blushes up to the faintest blue in outer space.   Helicopters circle like small flies over The Strip.

I managed to make a cup of drip coffee in my room - its one of those coffee makers where you stick a coffee 'teabag' into a slot and water drips over it into your cup.  In this case, the only cup offered was one of those white foam ones wrapped in a cup-condom so I stole a cup from yesterday's room service.  Its completely seedy.

So I am now thinking about brunch.

According to my expert advisors, brunch is a big thing in this city.  I am not sure whether my friends are up for a trip to find somewhere but I am quite taken by one that makes donuts to order for you.  Donuts no less.  The alternative is the diner in this hotel which has lots of blue formica and I am not going to vouch for on Urbanspoon.  If I don't get out for my brunch today I am going to have to come back here with Josh and do it.  Even he could be persuaded to get up by 11 for custom donuts, right?

The girlfriends are MIA after last night although I recall Natasha was going to have an 8.30am massage with bamboo sticks or rolling rocks or something else equally ..... er... specialized.

I have been reading in bed and realizing I need a flower in my hair for tonight.  Burlesque girls all wear sequins, figure hugging 40s style dresses no matter how large they are (and some girls are mighty mighty curvy), and hair fascinators.  Burlesque chickies are the fascinator heartland.

Being here, regaining equilibrium without children, has revealed that if I have no responsibilities I like the following:
  1. Staying up late
  2. wearing high heals
  3. being very hot in the sun
  4. swimming pools
  5. cocktails without bottled cocktail mix
  6. 1c slot machines (not 25c ones)
  7. reading books in bed with the blinds open
  8. having smudged eyeliner all day
  9. reading badly written but thoroughly entertaining books that my English Major friends recommend in one lying in.
There are now about eight helicopters out there.

I need a bookshop.

The Tournament of Tease finals are on tonight!   I am already a fan of the Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society - I sat next to one of the performers last night - a girl from Vancouver.  Super excited.  Apparently one of the fans wore (nipple) pasties to the bowling alley so we were warned to dress appropriately.  I have found my skirt from last night but its still smoky.

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