Monday, June 4, 2012

Queen of Burlesque, Brunch

Imogen, the flamingo from Australia is the new Reigning Queen of Burlesque aka Miss Exotic World 2012.  The flamingos at Seattle Zoo are a stinky lot but Miss Kelly redeemed them for me with all her lovely pink feathers, puppets and elegant disrobing.

I stayed up late.  It was already light.

I remembered to drink lots of water.

I find Vegas messes with my inner clock.  I ate breakfast at midday yesterday and nothing else all day.  There wasn't the sense that it was now time to eat.  Inside its always dark.  Outside is light a hellavu lot of the time.  Very bright.  Very hot.

I am going to try and do better today that means going out and seeking brunch of an inferior quality to yesterday.

The Donut Bar at the Verandah, Four Seasons

My 3rd course at lunch at the Four Seasons

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