Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wren draws hydras

Wren loves drawing but as with any artist, he likes to work thematically.  The subject of the moment is hydras.

I am now going to interview the artist about his work.

Me:  Wren, why are you interested in Hydras?

Wren:  Because there is different kinds of hydras.  Female ones that are boys and others that I don't know their names.

Me:  But why do you like them?

Wren:  Because if you kill all the necks off then it suddenly goes under the ground and all of it grows back again.

Me:  Where did you first see a hydra?

Wren:  In two Magic cards.

Me: What is magic?

Wren:  Magic is cards and they cost mana to play.

Me:  What did you like about that hydra on the cards.
Wren:  Hydras are pretty cool and one hydra is a 0/0 and you need to spend more mana to make him big.
The Artist has been influenced by hydras in Magic the Gathering

Me:  Now, Wren can you tell about the hydra you are working on now.

Wren:  It is a girl hydra and it fights boy hydras and other evil things like the tyranna sor rexes.

Wren with the girl hydra

Me:  Why is this one purple.

Wren: Because that is girl hydras the color they are.

Me:  Can you tell me about this hydra [BELOW]?
Wren:  This is the one with the rarest hydras in the world.  They are GOOD/BAD they kill good hydras and bad hydras.  And its a RAINbow hydra.  Its pink and green and orange and yellow so that is the rarest kind of hydra in the world.

Rainbow hydra

Me:  Are hydras real?

Wren:  Yes, they just grow everywhere in the creepy times.

Me:  What are the creepy times?

Wren:  When the clouds go low, the sky goes green, the sun goes dark black and the grass goes blue!

Me: And that is when the Hydras are born.

Wren:  They grow in tiny things first and they don't kill anything first but then they grow huge and if they grow into this guy they grow into good or into that guy they grow into good and bad.
"Squid in the ocean" aka "Squid in the sea Hydra"

Me: Can you tell me about this older work, titled "squid in the ocean."  Was an this an early hydra?

 Wren:  That hydra waked up in the night so they can like steal stuff.   Its a hydra.  A weird kind of hydra.  It has lots of slippery arms and its head is like this (straight and like a little curve like this).

Me:  What do hydras eat?

Wren:  Hydras... well, there are different things that you never heard of hydras eat.  They eat little ants and things but bad hydras eat little chickadees - but don't write that because Leo (age 4) won't like that.  Bit scary.

The Scared-cat hydra just plays dead

Me:  We have another here.  Can you tell me about it.

Wren: This is one of the weirdest kinds of hydras.  Its one of the most frightest hydra.  When it sees someone coming it just plays dead.  Its frightened for everyone.

Me:  Its a scaredy-cat hydra?

Wren:  Its a good hydra.  But if it sees a BAD hydra it FIGHTS but if it sees anything else it just plays dead.  That other one is the same hydra as this, but playing dead.

Scaredy-cat from another angle, playing dead.

Me: What are all these things on it?

Wren:  Its the rarest one and it has sticky things to stick on things and climb up trees.  In the middle is his like his... treasure chest thing where he puts the treasure in.  The treasure chest with gems and rubies and jewels in.

Wren:  Come, come ... we must play a hydra game.  "Hydra in the scary cave" and I am the hydra!  BOO!

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Linda said...

What an imagination! He'll get far with that amazing mind of his! :)