Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter chelsea buns

Because I had a cough and couldn't sleep, and because its Easter Saturday and I am energized by brilliant sun - I got up early and baked chelsea buns with yeast and allspice, raisins and lemon glaze.  Last year I made hot cross buns which were also fun.  I remember how the glaze looked next to the vase of daffodils.  This year we have no daffodils but lots of magic the gathering cards and Wren's drawings.

Here are some pictures of the chelsea bun baking:
I used an English recipe so this square of dough is 50cm x 50cm
covered with butter, sugar, currants and spice.
Then you roll it up like a swiss roll.  Notice my coral colored fingernails
- I had a rare manicure yesterday, inspired by the lingerie visit of a few days prior.
They took three times as long to rise as the recipe suggested.
Not sure if that was due to the cold kitchen, old yeast or something witchy about baking.
Yes, this is X-Large because it says it all.  Chelsea buns dripping with frosting for 11ses
Wren eating his bun.   He is talking about his new
Eldrazi deck called "I will light it cos its dynamite!"
Note the awful wound on his chin from a scooter accident (3 days
and its still oozing and bleeding).
Its hard to say what Frost is enjoying more - the blanket,
the Foxtrot or the Chelsea bun.
I will try and bake again before next year.  I would rate these as a SUCCESS!

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