Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cheese pain

Cheese Pain is going to be my shorthand for Chest Pain.  Chest pain is too scary. 

So, this morning at Breakfast Wren complained of cheese pain.  He said "Ow, ow, my che** hurts.  I think it is the metal in my chest from surgery!"

Wren only learned or rather, re-learned about the metal in his chest recently.  I thought he might be suffering psychological pain so I asked where it hurt.  

He pointed to a spot between his nipple and sternum and said it was very sore.  Now and Now.

I called the heart center nurses line and thank-the-gods, they answered.  I had this horrible thought that he was going to have a heart attack and I couldn't remember all the steps or the idea rate.

For the record, his pulse is 88 and so that is the goal!

Anyway, spoke to the cardiology nurse and she looked him up and said I should "look at the big picture".  Since he has energy, is not ill and has normal behavior of late, we are not leaping to dark conclusions about the cheese.

She said I should call the Ped if it persists in case its referred pain, a respiratory infection or something gaseous in nature.

I called the Ped in case.  We shall see the doc at 2.45pm unless he is fine by then.

Wren has since added that it hurts when he breathes, a tinsy bit.

We are not panicking.   Now, a secret, I only really gave up dairy completely for two weeks.  I love cheese.

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Wendy said...

Hi Shannon

Just wondering what the docs said about Wren and how he is doing? Hopefully it hasn't reoccurred and all is well.

Thinking of you