Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Noisy Birds

According to Frost, Hadedahs are birds "that make very, very, very annoying sounds and sometimes they wake me up.  They have very long beaks and look a little bit like miniature cranes."   I sense I will be talking about them a bit more on this trip so I recorded a short movie of one we saw on a walk today, unfortunately our upload speed is so slow that I can't share their forlorn honking. 

Here is a borrowed picture of a hadedah.  Mine are inadequate.

A hadedah courtesy of

On our walk we also saw:

A squashed frog
A dove, killed on the electric fence of one of the neighbors
A blue-headed lizard
Crested Barbet
A hatched birds egg.

And we collected seed pods from various sprawling trees.

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