Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mountain biking through the cane

This morning David, Orion and I went mountain biking through the cane fields up the north coast.  Dad dropped us off and then drove ahead with the kids to meet us at Umhloti Beach.  Thankfully we had a few Blackberrys on us because we became rather turned around in the cane and had to stop a few times for directions (from Dad).   They were something like this "head a few kms along that road to an open space and then turn down the gully.  After a while you will see a tunnel under the freeway.  Go up a hill and bear left and you'll find a bridge across the ring road (turns out there were 4 bridges).   Continue... "

So we got lost and Dad drove up the cane road to find us.

There was a strong wind blowing and it was soughing and shushing in the dry cane leaves, tumbling dry cane leaves across the trails.   At one point the bikes stopped shifting because there were so many cane leaves tangled around our deraillers and we stopped to unclog them.

Orion said "my throat is so dry I think I am going to throw up."

It wasn't that bad but the wind made it hard at times and I haven't done any off-road cycling for over a decade so I found the rocky paths hazardous at times and wasn't ready to go with David's advice (gained from biking on Table Mountain rocky trails) "pick a line and stick with it, don't stop, momentum is your friend."   I felt that if I hit a rock at speed I would fall off and didn't want to.   The earth is very dry and red dust flew up in my eyes with gusts.

Anyway, all was good.  I have shared it on Google Maps as Sibaya Bike Ride... approx 5 miles.

View Sibaya Bike Ride in a larger map

We made it to the hill above Umhloti before rescue [aka Dad] arrived and had only to roll down the main road into the coffee shop for lattes and some kind of panini served there.

Dad had not had much luck at the beach with the kids.  Wren took his first look at the sea and said "we should go back".   Then he became scareder and scareder and didn't want to go on the beach.  Grandad cut him some sugar cane to distract him from the sea (and kite boarders, leaping the large surf) and he found it very tasty.  He opined that this was TSUNAMIS and was Dangerous.

It was pretty unpleasant beach weather which is when Dad brought them to find us.

We have bought our first curios:  beaded ladybug baby and mummy.  Wren says he will put them in his room.  Frost wants to send a gift to his friend Alex but I am not sure whether the mail is a good idea.

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