Saturday, March 13, 2010

The toast is cracking

I was woken at 5.45am by Microsoft, at least that's what the caller ID said. When I staggered to the phone (to stop it waking the kids, imagining awful news or a confused overseas caller) it was dead. No voice. No message.

Then Wren woke up.

I persuaded him to play with things for a while but then Frost woke up saying we had been too noisy.

He lay on the floor and read Foxtrot while Wren competed with his feet for space.

I have been playing catchup on this sleep deficit ever since. For breakfast I asked Frost "Do you want me to print you some toast?" and later, when it popped up I yelled at him to get the vegemite because "Your toast has cracked!!"

Well, someone has cracked.

As soon as the toast cracked Wren decided he wanted some too. Frost didn't want to share his first slice with Wren because he wanted it cut in half with half vegemite and half Nutella.

This is Josh's fault-he bought Nutella at Costco and so the boys are all about nutella all the time. Yesterday they had nutella toast, nutella banana and nutella on a spoon. They wanted to do various other things with it. In fact, as I type Wren has said NUTELLA and brought the whole tub. "ITs here" he says.

Its here, there and everywhere.

Listening to Nouvelle Vague. Most apt for this day.

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