Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bingo Night

We went to the school bingo night this evening. I had never played bingo with a crowd. It was hard work keeping up with the pace of numbers. We won only a few tickets and Frost complained it was unfair, it was rigged, he needed another card!

We used our tickets to buy a wooden robot, an old puzzle, a box of monkeys and a book about stuffed toys having an adventure.

It was pretty good value.

Plus, I took a bowl full of boiled eggs to the potluck and they WERE ALL EATEN. Due to the ceaseless laying of our chickens, the use of 6 eggs at one time is no small accomplishment. It gives me at least 2 days before the backlog starts to build and I am forced to ask Joshua to make more salted caramel icecream and eat frittata on the same day.

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