Monday, February 15, 2010

Catch me if you can

So much news so little blog. I know. I have been an un-blogger but I hope to make up this week.

Yesterday, I took a ride around Greenlake with Wren, Frost and Alex. All of us were on our scooters. My butt is rather sore from pushing but Wren did superbly. It is 3 miles (5k) and he only complained in the last stretch.

Friday night we enjoyed some art at Roq la Rue Gallery in Belltown and went out to dinner with the boys afterwards. It felt fun to be out with at night with the whole family. I am going to bed soon so I shan't write much but here are some pictures for Mum, who has just returned from 'the Cabin' at Port Julia.

Frost, Wren and Alex halfway around the lake. We are wearing coats because a light rain is falling which meant the track was not crowded for a weekend.

A passerby offered to take a picture of all of us, so here I am with the boys. I ride the razor scooter with broken handlebar which we scavanged from a dumpster at a campsite last summer.

Wren at Roq La Rue. He is very afraid of dogs but decided he liked this dog, Oliver, who was a very sedate bulldog. Wren stroked and talked to Oliver. Oliver showed surprising speed when he saw Frost's hedgehog puppet which he believed to be a dog toy. Luckily Wren did not see that.

Frost stands beneath a painting we liked.

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